IrriPan Weed Mats: A Revolution in Tree and
Veggie Crop Planting

IrriPan Weed Matswere invented in Israel (under the name Tal-Ya Trays – “Tal-Ya” means “dew of heaven” in Hebrew).  IrriPan Weed Mats MULTIPLY everything plants need to thrive:

IrriPan Weed Mats multiply WATER

  • Capture rain water falling in a 5 square foot area and funnel it to your plant
  • Prevent precious soil moisture from evaporating
  • Keep weeds from stealing moisture from your plants

image of Irripan around treeIrriPan Weed Mats multiply LIGHT

  • White upper surface reflects light back up to your plant
  • Black lower surface block sunlight to kill weeds – so weeds can’t block sunlight from your plant

IrriPan Weed Mats multiply NUTRIENTS

  • Stop weeds from taking the soil nutrients your plants need

IrriPan Weed Mats multiply GROWTH!